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Dana Estates Neighborhood Alliance, 501-c3 Non-profit Organization © 2017




September is here and fall is in the air. What a great year we have had with all the wonderful events. Thank you to everyone who has helped make these events enjoyable for all of Dana Estates.


Thank you very much to all who have donated to help keep us going strong. Your donations help pay for the DENA Night Out, the Garage Sales, Dumpster Days, newsletters, website, signs and more. None of the donations go to the Board or Volunteers. We are working hard to help keep

our neighborhood strong and none of this is possible without the generous donations we receive.

Many of the Board Members use their own money to help keep the events going. I am asking you to please donate any amount to keep the events going and maybe even add more events to help keep Dana Estates fun and safe. Your donation is tax deductible.


Please consider donating $5 or $10 or more if you can. If every home in Dana Estates donated, we would be able to continue every event and even make them better and stronger. We would really love to help make our Neighborhood Watch Program bigger and more effective.


So far this year we have spent $1,428.26 and received in contributions $1057.18. We still have a couple events left for the year. Most of our expenses went to the DENA Night Out at just a little over $900, plus money from the Board and donations from businesses. We have spent $369 on the newsletters so far this year.

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