Life has changed so much since the last newsletter in February with Covid-19 that has loomed up all over our country. My thoughts are with all our neighbors who have experienced a job loss or are being furloughed, feelings of loneliness, fear or other concerns about what’s next - so many emotions. During this pandemic, I have witnessed a neighborhood that grew together with a small 4th of July parade and howling at 8 pm. (I loved going on my porch and howling for those in our community who are essential workers). I want to say a special THANK YOU to those in our neighborhood who are nurses, doctors, hospital staff, store clerks, police, firemen, ambulance drivers, delivery drivers, disposal workers and for all of those I may not have mentioned. You helped to keep us safe and fed.

While taking walks around Dana Estates I loved seeing the chalk art, teddy bears in the window, signs of hello, eggs at Easter, and when I look at your DENA Board table during our meetings (lately via Zoom), it represents our neighborhood consisting of different nationalities and different beliefs. I love that about our neighborhood--we are a community that is all-inclusive. I, personally, am proud to live in a city that cares about all people and treats all people with respect and that is how our neighborhood is built and flourishes.

Therefore, when the dust settles, it is my sincere hope that we as a nation can exemplify and encourage equality, like our diverse
neighborhood I am so proud to be part of.

I have enjoyed sitting on my front porch and seeing my neighbors walk past and waving at them and saying hi. I am looking so
forward to being completely out of this quarantine so we can all come together again.

Our DENA Night out is tentatively scheduled for September 16th. We decided to postpone it in the hopes we do not have to cancel it as
we feel that our neighborhood needs that event in order to get back together. It will be a bit different this year as we will not have the
bouncy house or crafts for children or face painting. We will have tattoos that parents can put on their child and do-it-yourself crafts to
take home. We will have music so we can all dance and sing, get some energy out and show what a wonderful neighborhood we are. We
will still have organizations that will share their information and purpose. If we are able to hold the event, we will do our best to have
this be a safe celebration for our neighborhood and what we stand for--neighbors being here for neighbors.

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