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From the Concord Police Department 

                                                               Recently, the Concord Police Department has seen a rise is people buying vehicles that found in online ads.

                                                             They later realize the car, they bought, was a stolen vehicle. People have lost tens of thousands of dollars

                                                              because they were not sure how to avoid being scammed. Here are some tips from Concord PD. 

• Schedule your meeting with the car seller in the parking lot of your local police department. The Concord Police Department,

for example, has surveillance cameras covering our parking lots.

• Be careful of sellers who identify themselves with out-of-state driver's licenses. You may not be familiar with a fake California

or out-of-state driver's license so, when feasible, ask an officer to verify.

• Do your own research! The seller could fabricate or alter DMV paperwork. There are online resources where you can verify

the VIN and the name of the registered owner of a vehicle yourself. (www.autocheck.com or www.carfax.com are some examples)

• If the vehicle price is suspiciously lower than what the vehicle is worth, be cautious. The suspects will intentionally post a

"good deal" to incite people to respond to their ad. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

• Take your time when searching for a vehicle to buy. If a seller is rushing you to pay, walk away from the deal. Suspects

intentionally create a sense of urgency so you cannot think clearly or consider all of your options. You are the buyer so you are in control.

• If the seller will only accept payment in cash or another untraceable method (Bitcoin or gift cards), be cautious .

Criminals know it is extremely difficult for the police to trace these payments.

When in doubt call the Concord PD Financial Crimes Unit at 925-671-5081 


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