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Dana Estates Neighborhood Alliance, 501-c3 Non-profit Organization © 2017

Happenings for 2020

Dumpster/Clean Up Day - March 21st and April 15
Dana Night Out June 24th
Garage Sale August 8th
Neighborhood Meetings March 23rd and October 28th
Holiday Lighting Contest Dec 2020 
More to Come
View From The Chair
Fall 2019 View from the Chair:  Read article
Tips of the Month - January: 
With the new year - One resolution may be to declutter but where to start - we checked with experts and compiled the following list: 
1. Take Everything out of the space - It will look worse but will get better as you organize.  Then clean the space or paint or what every you need to do with the empty space. 
2. Have 4 boxes and purge - Sell, Dontate, Give Away and Keep. Be honest with yourself, if you have not used it recently do you really need it, if it is broken throw it out. 
3. Categorize items -  This way you can store like items together and know if you have duplicates and they will be easier to find. 
4.  Label - This does not mean buy those fancy storage containers you can use shoe boxes and make them look nice. Have bins, you may use (shoe boxes) or labels on the cabinet edge.  You can print a lable from the computer it makes it fun. 
5. Then refill your space. You have the bins/boxes (if appropriate), labels and what you plan to keep. Have fun with this part. 
Please consider donating to DENA.
Your contribution will go to events such as the Neighborhood Garage Sale, Dana Estates Night Out, Clean-up Day, Neighborhood Meetings and More! Any amount is greatly appreciated.
It is easy to donate: In-person at DENA sponsored event or click the Donate Button. 
You can also donate on Amazonsmile by clicking                                                
Or mail check to DENA at 3957 Beechwood Dr, Concord, CA 94519 





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