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Community Camera Registry
At our last neighborhood meeting, Concord PD had a call to action and asked residents to register their home camera devices to provide crucial information for crimes or missing people.  Walking door to door or "canvassing" is extremely labor intensive and having online access is a time saver for crucial matters.  Joining the registry DOES NOT give Concord PD or anyone else access to live feed or camera; rather it provides contact information.  This is optional.  If you are interested you can register your device(s) at the link below:

Raccoons are back on patrol
It has been noted by many neighbors that there has been a recent surge in raccoon activity in our neighborhood.  It's crucial to be aware of their presence, especially during evening hours.
Please take necessary precautions, such as securing trash bins, avoiding leaving food outside, and ensuring pet food is stored securely.   If you encounter a raccoon, maintain a safe distance and do not attempt to approach or feed them.  

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