Dana Estates Neighborhood Alliance  

3957 Beechwood Dr
      Concord, CA 94519     

          925- 286-4056         


Founded in 2000


                   Dana Estates Neighborhood Alliance (DENA) is a non-profit 501-3c organization partnering with the City of Concord. 

          1.     The purpose of Dana Estates Neighborhood Alliance is to:

                   A.  Encourage and maintain a neighborhood of which we can be proud.

                   B.  Increase the feeling of security and concern among friends.

                   C.  Inform the City of Concord about our community/neighborhood needs and concerns.

                   D.  Act as a resource for the neighborhood by referring people to appropriate agencies,

                         departments, or individuals for information or services available.

                   E.  Provide a forum where matters of interest or concern can be discussed and acted upon.

               2020  Dana Estates Neighborbood Alliance Board


       2020  Executive Board

         Chair:  Colleen Geraghty                              chair@danaestates.org                                        

         Vice Chair:  Peter Maclennan                     vicechair@danaestates.org                               

         Treasurer:  Penny Dorfman                         denaboard@danaestates.org                                                

         Secretary: Sue Fullmore                               denaboard@danaestates.org  


       2020 Area Representatives

         Area 1 (hi res map):  Kim McCarl                 denaboard@danaestates.org          

        Area 2 (hi res map):  Angela Cantrell           angela.dana.estates@gmail.com 

        Area 3 (hi res map):  Open                             denaboard@danaestates.org                     

        Area 4 (hi res map):  Sue Fullmore              fullmorefam@sbcglobal.net          

        Area 5 (hi res map):  Lisa Maclennan          denaboard@danaestates.org            


      2020 Special Board Positions                               

      Editor: Open

      Bookkeeper - Sally Costa

      Sign Coordinator - Kim McCarl

      Event Coordinator - Open                

      Neighborhood Watch:  La Donna Lum      denaboard@danaestates.org

      Webmaster:  Colleen Geraghty  

 *****If you would like to join the board or volunteer your time to help please email chair@danaestates.org.  Thank you as together Dana Estates is the best neighborhood.